Monday, May 22, 2017

Office ettiquette

I get a script writing job for a small corporate video on office etiquette. I am thrilled as I know the money from the porn script ( see earlier entry in January  ) will run out soon and I need the work but I cannot get my creative juices flowing.

 Every time I sit at my computer it seems that there are a million things I should be doing – walking the dog, washing the curtains, re-arranging my CDs in alphabetical order.  Aargh - ok so now I have to think about office ettiquette ... hmmm.

Having worked in generally creative environments - like advertising agencies, film production companies I am not sure I am au fait with the notion of office ettiquette. 

At one place I worked we had a guy who watched porn ... in full view of everyone else. I objected when the "Ahs and Ummms" were distinctly audible. Another nut-job used to bring his lunch to work in his briefcase with a fully loaded 9 mm gun and a half jack of brandy. 

A colleague of mine used to keep a vibrator in her drawer - for emergencies of course. Personally I thought she should have invested in a bumper pack of condoms. Our dress code was also a bit iffy. One woman came to work in a petticoat and black t-shirt with her Doc Martens. She was a scary Goth and we wouldn't dare comment. I'm pretty sure she had a stash of razor blades in her drawer for fun.

But I do realise that the places I have worked are NOT normal working environments. So I'm guessing nose picking and cell phone behaviour would be more appropriate topics for this script.

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