Monday, May 1, 2017

To dye or not to dye

So in between binge eating. I try to diet. But I find that starting a diet with good intentions does not last.
I drink green tea for breakfast, a slice of seed bread with margarine, I have a cup of coffee with no sugar or milk - eeuw. I snack on a few grapes and a carrot by 11am I am about to chew my arm off. 
Usually by 3pm I have charged off to the shops and scoffed down a greasy pie , a slab of chocolate and some crisps. I spend the evening chastising myself and indulge in mental self-flagellation.
So on this occasion I go to a store to find some hair dye ... I have managed to prolong my mid-morning binge thanks to a visit from Mercia.
I am starving - but the will to resist temptation is strong ... I think.
My gray hairs are sprouting at a rate of knots. Caused by children.... dogs and ex-husband.
I am a bit fickle when it comes to choosing hair colour - at any point in time I could be blonde, red or brunette. Sometimes combinations of both.
I am engrossed in my search for the perfect colour when I see the perfect colour. It is described as "Vanilla Mochachino" ... my stomach begins to rumble. 
Ooh I am almost salivating. That would have to look good on my hair. I stick it in my basket and my stomach is now rumbling furiously. I buy a small chocolate placed strategically near the till.
I rush home and then begin to dye my hair - I have visions of myself throwing gorgeous locks behind shoulder in Hollywood style.
I wait and then rush to the shower to wash it off.  Erm. It looks exactly the same. 
What a let down. 
I walk into my daughter's room and say : "Does anything look different?" She looks up from her romance novel and says after a PAUSE ... "You have a pimple growing on your chin!"
Bloody cosmetic companies and their exotic descriptions. Bloody diets ... 

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