Thursday, March 2, 2017

Secrets of self help

I download “Personal Success Secrets” PDF from Internet. I must develop a positive mindset and start thinking like a millionaire. 
I have lots of self help books and so far none of them have provided the lasting impetus to turn my life around.
I should probably hand them in to the second hand book store and earn some cash. Yes I am looking and I have dozens.

How to lose weight - duh - did not happen.
How to find your soul mate - no ... still waiting.
Crystal therapy handbook - well I did buy a lot of crystals and am still a basket case.
Deciphering your inner success code - hmmmm - mine is 10111 - emergency help needed.
Dress to impress - if my daughter's comments are anything to go by I have missed the mark.
Change your life with colour therapy - yes love colours and not seen a difference 

Perhaps I should write a self help book on how to stop buying self help books. Yes good idea.

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